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Food and supplements…

19 Mar
miso, shitake, sesame oil broth....yum

miso, shitake, sesame oil broth....yum

I am into my third week of conditioning to train for a marathon. (Thanks to Mr Lydiard. )I have been running as per the schedule most days, and keeping up my strength training twice per week. The thing that sucks a bit, is my nutrition. I am taking my supplements, a soy protein supplement, iron, mega B’s, B12, and calcium, but I need to eat more raw food, and less of the cooked. My energy levels are good, they improved dramatically after I saw the ‘herbal guy’ and I began supplements. But I could do better. For example, yesterday for breakfast I ate raw oats with a sprinkling of dried fruit/nuts and a slosh of soy milk. (tick…that’s all good). I went to the gym, did a balance/stretch class, did ‘other’ stuff, picked up Paloma from Kindergarten. We were home by 12. I had a ramekin of almonds, pine nuts, pistachios with chopped up banana and manuka honey for lunch. Yes! very yummy but not a good lunch. I should have had a grated salad with a sprinkling of nuts, or a vegan wrap…or a miso soup (Paloma had toast and peanut butter). I ate a pear during the afternoon. The kids music teacher came over with her three year old,and while the three year olds were running amok, I had a herbal tea with a litre of honey..(okay..not quite a litre). I snacked on a few pine nuts,  in between being the taxi for a couple of the kids, running up and down the stairs, and making dinner. Dinner was baked potato and kumara, and to stuff said potato and kumara was coleslaw, corn, marinated tofu, and baked bean’s. This was okay, it had all the food groups and the best thing-it was easy to prepare and all of the kids ate it. I followed this up a couple of hours after with a short run. The run was my first rainy run for the season. I luurve running in the rain,and it’s even better when it’s dark! I need to eat less nuts/honey (yummy) and more vege and carbs and probable more protein.


working out with weights, running with sore hammys and quads…

12 Dec
Image by sarahkim via Flickr

I drove myself hard during the weights workout on Monday. I single leg pressed 80kg, giving each leg the gift of two sets of 20. After a sip of water, I lunged myself around the entire gym floor carrying 8kg dumbbells, then I repeated the whole leg press, lunge experience. I followed this with three sets of 20 dead lifts holding a 17.5 kg barbell. I think this is what did it actually. Did what? you ask. Well, on Tuesday, my legs were feeling sore but not too bad, but I didn’t run anyway…I’m still going through the ‘sleepless in Hataitai’ thing, I was way too shattered after being up since 1 in the morning. Wednesday found my legs, precisely my quadriceps and hamstrings, screaming at me. Never the less, I hauled myself (and Paloma) to the gym, all though I didn’t manage to walk the entire way in, I parked up on Mt. Victoria and pushed Paloma in the pushchair 25 minutes down hill to the gym, (and yes 35 minutes up unforgiving hill on the return.)  I participated in the balance class, ( a mixture of tai-chi, Pilate’s and yoga) and I put up with the pain. Downward facing dogs are wonderful!

Thursday I drove to the gym, the leg pain was ten percent less than at its peak, but I only did my upper body weights work out. I wanted to give my leg fibres a complete recovery time. After the weights, I got my ipod and went for a run. I listened to meditation music and all though my legs and my head were involved in interesting dialogue, I continued running the entire 45 minutes, at times carried with the meditation music, losing track of time…lovely.

The upshot is that thus far, I have only been running twice this week. I have plans of running today, and the weekend. As for food, I have been eating a ramekin of raw oats, soaked in water with honey, bee pollen and calcium powder every morning. This is keeping my energy constant till about 1pm. I have not been snacking on nuts every two hours as I should, I am making this a goal. I drink at least two vegetable juices per day. It is an ongoing mission to find my optimum diet that is competent with my lifestyle. I also have been thinking of what to have instead of ‘gu’ on the long endurance runs and races. I am sure ‘gu’, or ‘hammer gel’ or any of those energy supplements are not good for me. Honey is one thought, but would that replace the mineral salts, and how would I package it, for optimal convenience?

It is the last week or so of school, so it has been pretty umm…all though I never like to say ” I am busy”, …it has been. Busy. here’s how:  http://cenglish-memento@blogspot.com