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The way I make muscles.

23 Jul

Okay! well, today I can walk. Yesterday was a different story. You know the race…(yeah, its hard to call something that took over three and a half hours an actual race..but it was..), anyhow, the ‘race’ left me with bricks for legs. The bricks had a rest the day after the ‘race’, and..errr. the day after that. But on Tuesday, the bricks went out for a 4k jaunt. (It was meant to be a ten k, but…ummm…ya know…). Guess what happened on Wednesday? I woke up at 5.30am and took the bricks out for a speed workout with my friend, Duck. Duck is the leader of a little gaggle of pain seekers. I am a new convert. We met at freyburg pool, outside, huddled in the rain. She rocks up wearing a 9kilo weight vest. We jog to the bottom of Hay street, (Hay street goes straight up vertically to god). The aim is to sprint to the top, amble down, complete 10 burpee’s, times 10 (or so). I think we finished 8, each taking turns with the nice heavy vest. Tell ya what, after the allotted 45minutes I was completely stuffed, rooted, and all those other nice words that actually mean depleted. I drove home in time to wake the kids up and supervise breakfast, dressing and out-the-door time. They were gone by 8.15ish. I drove down to Waitangi park, in the rain again, to meet Duck, now with her ‘personal trainer’ hat on. I was introduced to the joy of kettle bell weights, and the 25k power bag. I love a good power bag workout, but have not done any weights fro nearly a year. I knew, not far into the work out, that I was not going to feel marvelous for a while. This was true. For the rest of the day, I was wasted with a capital F. I could not sit, lie, walk efficiently at all. Thursday was worse. I took panadol. It did not work. I felt like pee-ing standing up, because to get into sitting position was…well….hell. (Thank you Duck. Love ya work). Today, Friday, I am feeling better. I will be running tonight. Its raining and cold. Just my thing. My legs are lead, but at least every movement doesn’t cause agony. Only most of the movements. I can deal with that.
By the way..this post is written via my new IPAD. Love it. Got this nifty little keyboard attached to it. Gotta work out the photo app thing.