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18 Aug

Last night for dinner, I made  macaroni cheese as per Izzy’s request. She is seven years old and fussy. Double FUSSY. On the table I also placed a platter of lettuce leaves, sliced celery, sliced mushrooms, sliced green capsicum and a bowl of fresh guacamole. A large bowl of my ‘now famous’ grated carrot-beet-apple salad joined the platter on the table. Paloma (3yrs old) had spent about 25 minutes at the kitchen bench, (standing on a chair)cutting a zuccini into big chunks with a blunt knife. She had put these fat chunks into a bowl and sweetly, put this on the table too. So, seated, candles lit, we first ate Palomas ‘salad’. I like raw zuccini, but the kids had a hard time…it is usually grated, however they munched on it as their wee sister smiled and watched them proudly. She didnt, however, partake.

Izzy ate a bit of her macaroni cheese but happily ate the celery and a lot from the platter. Rose ate nothing. Harry and Drew scoffed the lot. My goal is to always put platters of fresh raw salad bits and bobs on to the table, its good to have options and it is a way of expanding the fussys taste experiences in a non-threatening way. They don’t have to eat it. We have a plan for the week of eating that the kids help me work  out. Drew said she likes that we have a plan. We have more interesting meals. It is true. Dinner time used to ‘arrive’ and I would wonder what the hell I was going to give them, it would usually be rice and tuna with soysauce and broccoli. Which is nice once in a while, but not three days per week.

Last night both Drew and Harry went for a run with me. Therefore it was only a 4k run, but I was happy they were out with me. I try to stress the importance of running to them. Running and reading as Will Smith says. So I am happy to do small runs if it will get them started on a habit that will enhance their lives.