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a good day

19 Nov


the rose in paradise

the rose in paradise

My day began with me going to bed, earplugs in, at 9.30 last night. Therefore, I woke before the alarm at 5 a.m today.  I lay in bed for a while, not really wanting to get out, actually, I was feeling pretty..blahhhh. So what did I do?! Well…I leaped out of bed like a fit young thing, I flung on my running gear like..er..Deane Karnazes..I ran out the door like one eager beaver…

I find if I act like I want to be, then I do what I want to do…well, it worked this morning.

So I ran my 30 minute circuit. Once home, I sat and meditated for about 10 minutes. It was a serious meditation session, I kept clearing my mind, but Nia Glassie was in my head. I don’t know why, I guess she has been on the news for a while. She was hard to clear.

I then made Deane and I a coffee…followed by a juice of apple carrot and spinach. I had a banana for breakfast. The kids were ‘yelled’ up. Here’s how breakfast goes for the kids.  Izzy has her standard 6 weetbix drowned in boiled water and coated in a tablespoon of raw sugar. Paloma has a sleepy raw oats with milk and sugar. She follows this by eating whatever Deane happens to be having. (Paloma is Deane’s ‘food sidekick’. She eats whatever is on his plate, actually fights him for it. ) Drew makes herself toast, or a fried egg on toast or french toast. She has a cup of tea with god knows how much sugar in it. Rose has water based weetbix, but she only has two.  Harry has toast and muesli with milk and sugar. Writing this I realise our family has far too much sugar.

 Once the kids had gone to school, Paloma and I went downstairs. I have decided to walk to the gym rather than taking the car,( a decision based on my ‘slow food, slow life=quality – theory). I have borrowed a pushchair, which Paloma loves. It took me about 50 sweaty minutes to trudge to the gym. I put Paloma in creche and rushed to my ‘balance’ class. I slowed myself down to reap the benefits of the tai chi, Pilate’s, and yoga moves.

After; a friend gave us a lift home and I made  a juice of silverbeet (from my garden), organic apple, organic carrot, garlic and parsley. yummy lunch!

Tonight for tea, I cooked organic beef steak, baked potatoes, puy lentil and grated carrot salad, chickpea and sliced tomato salad, and sliced cucumber. I need to make more variety for the kids. The reason is this: last week, I went down to kiss the Rose goodnight. She seemed a bit angry with me and wouldn’t talk to me properly. After questioning her a tad, I found out that she is sick of going to bed ’empty’, (her words). I have been pretty hard line with the kids in that if they don’t eat what I provide for tea, they don’t get anything else. Rose is Miss Fussy. But, I now realise I must soften. Rose prefers to go hungry rather than eat anything she doesn’t like. So I will make more of a variety and include well…more meat, and potatoes. The Rose is a meat eater so I will cook meat.

I have just juiced green cabbage, apple, carrot, and garlic. Deane and I polished it off. I guess he will fart all night tonight…again. harry-and-3-girls-oct-7-08-033


meditation sleep; market morning; swimming with kids

18 Aug

I did it again. On Saturday morning I stumbled out of warm bed to the beck of my alarm. Yes!…it was 5am. I could not find my dressing gown so I used Deane’s. I made my way to the ‘meditation chair’, and placed myself in position. And, in the proverbial… ‘all of a sudden’,it was six in the morning and I was freezing!. Deane’s dressing gown is cold cotton unlike my warm synthetic cuddly one. I (using a very un-zen-like naughty word), ran back to warm -bed-next -to- warm -body and slept like someones else’s baby till 7.30.am.  I did not even get to meditate before the sleep monster got me.

After a day of driving miss Rosie to her hockey games I finally enjoyed a relaxed run in the dark cold winter night. I dont feel I am accomplishing great fitness goals at the moment. It is enough that I am actually out. My raw food way-of-life is going okay. We had a weekend of social eating so I did eat more cooked food than I would have liked to. I will not mention the cake.

On Sunday, Harry and I skipped out to the market at a very respectable 7.45am. I took a backpack with me this time-employed to carry 6 or 7 kilos of apples, 5kilos of citrus-with ease. Wellington put on a beautiful crisp morning with NO rain, (that began later in the day.) We gathered an abundance of greens and oranges and reds, filling three ecobags and the backpack. Harry munched on his apple danish which has become his pleasant habit on our market mornings. They sell them fresh off a trestle table. We then drove to Maranui cafe for our secret morning ritual. He had organic eggs, scrambled on sourdough toast and an apple juice. I had a soy latte, yes…cooked. They wont make fruit salad till summer when there is more fruit about unfortunately.  Harry enjoyed his and then we made our way home. Harry is very funny as he tells the story to Deane about our morning of notgoing to maranui for breakfast and how hungry he is now – not.

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food food food, more on raw…

7 Aug

YOu remember the salad I made yesterday? Grated carrot, beet, ripped spinach, raisins, dressed with a yummy dressing? Of course you do!  Well, today I repeated the experience but added freshly sprouted alfalfa and dried cashews!! I understand the cashews are not roasted or in anyway baked, they are dried. I imagine, in my hopeful yet ignorant mind, that they are hand picked (lovingly), then layed out in the gentle sun… Yes. Well. Onwards.  The salad,  is fantastic.  I had a ‘slice’ of essne unbaked bread, I hesitate to call it a slice however. It is more like a ‘mush’. Or a ‘dollop’ or maybe a ‘crumble’ of bread. It was very fresh and very sweet. Maybe a tad too sweet but Im not complaining.

Backing up a bit to this morning-I am proud to say that I was up at 5a.m again and meditated for 20 minutes. I succumbed to two very good coffees. Coffee is just my vice and we have a good coffee machine at home. I wont say ‘no’ yet. I breakfasted on a fruit salad of fresh pineapple, banana and sliced pear.

I am still emotionally flat but I think my physical energy levels are increasing. It is early days yet on my raw food diet however I am definately feeling a tad lighter in spirit and mind.

meditate-where are the five minutes?

29 Jul

Why dont I leap out of bed at 5 in the morning as is my intention? Why dont I go for a run immediately after the small meditation session as is my intention? Why, for the last four or  five mornings have I schlepped out of a warm bed only to guzzle my first coffee, (black with 2), quickly followed by my second coffee of the day, when a clear goal of mine is to cut coffee out of my life. Why do I eat too much, excersise not enough, and watch too much telly?. I have enough time to do what I should but I dont.

being ‘Mother’

24 Jul

I did not meditate today. I slept in till 7.10am and so I was straight into helping the kids get breakfasts and ready for school; hard out mother role happening.  Then Paloma and I were out till the kids got home so I did not have time to meditate. Now I just feel too emotionally tired. Deane is still not home, but we have had tea. The dishes have been done(ish) and the kids are scattered either playing, reading and/or in the bath. I should meditate, but the house is too small and they are too noisy. Some one will end up screaming and want me and I will get frustrated and yell at them and feel bad. Hows that for self-prophesy. Hows that for a big fat ‘negative thought form’?

Sometimes it is just too hard to ‘get over myself’. ha.

a new habit is form’n…

21 Jul

I was up this morning at 5am..(mostly because of the snoring happening beside me), however, i thought i would do my meditation. So that is day two!  I sat for a bit longer today-7 minutes- and mostly tried to bring my mind back to empty (breath iiinnn-breath ouuutt..) when I caught myself wandering off the track…Its very easy to let the mind wander onto things other than nothing..

I kept organising my wedding/making breakfast/worrying about the time/having a shower etc  all in my head. I think the goal I have in meditation is to release the business of the mind, to the clear nothingness of the soul. My goal is to see myself as I really am…the big picture. I am as you are as we are…one. I understand oneness but feel I am just at the beginning of the journey.

Inside this new love


Your way begins on the other side.

Become the sky

Take an axe to the prison wall


walk out like

somebody suddenly

born in colour.

Do it now.

You’re covered in a thick cloud.

Slide out the side


and be quiet.

quietness is the surest sign you’ve


Your old life was a frantic running from


The speechless full moon comes out now.

(Rumi, a sufi poem).