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the raw food wagon…I fell off it (gently)

29 Sep


I love drawing too...

I love drawing too...

6.30 this morning saw me running the streets to the rythm of queens ‘crazy little thing called love’. It was a quick 30 minute run as I am planning to go for another tad longer one tonight. I stretched once home, did downward dogs, soft torso twists and then meditated for ten minutes.  After I juiced organic carrot, apple, garlic and kale. A delicious breakfast or anytime drink, I can just feel the nutrients renewing my cells! I followed the juice with my vice, a shot of dark espresso. I cant let go of the coffee habit. (I will acknowledge my powerlessness over this and let it go). It has been a good beginning for the day. Yesterday, I went to ‘commonsense organics’  where I spent 95 dollars on carrots, apples, kale, six litres of milk, beetroot, seaweed, cashews, and prunes. I also bought, and ate fresh dates. Fresh dates are a wonderful treat for a sweet tooth like moi! They are nearly thirty dollars per kilo, so not an everyday gastronomic experience. I have fallen off the raw food wagon, gently. For example, yesterday after a banana breakfast, with not much raw food in the house, I ate a bowl of reheated red lentils for lunch. I was pretty hungry and I love lentils. (I cook them in tomato and onion with spices, particulary chilli powder, and cumin seed). I followed the lentil lunch with the afore mentioned fresh juice chaser (after the shopping excursion to commonsense organics).  I snacked (secretly , as those with kids have to do) on the dates and a few raw cashews. For dinner I had a ramekin of a cooked tomato and onion sauce that I had made from fresh ingredients for the kids vegan spagetti ‘bolognaise’. I was planning on having another juice after my run but didnt go for a run because I was waiting for a phone call from Rosie after which I would have to pick her up. I did not have the land line number and the mother was not answering her cell. The call did not come till 8.30pm. I got home again by 9pm after which time I did not feel like heading out into gale force winds and rain in the dark. note to self; do not leave it up to kids to decide what time they will be home.  I drank chamomille tea with too much honey, watched junk telly and was in bed by 10.45. 


more raw food stories…

6 Aug

This morning I was up by 5 am, (un)dressed in my fluffy dressing gown, thick socks and then wrapped up in my green cuddly blanket. (It is winter, there is snow on the hills). By 5.10 I was meditating. The meditation felt okay, I managed fifteen minutes quite calmly. I am getting better at pulling my mind back from the brink of thinking . My head is a noisy space. It gravitates quite readily to rubbish-chatter. Mind junk.

After I had finished the meditation, I was on the computer for 30 minutes, doing ‘catch up’ stuff. ‘Tis a great time to do it, all in the house are generally sleeping. 

Then…I began shaping the bread that I had prep’d the evening before. I had let it rise overnight and It was amazing, filling the entire huge bowl. I had doubled the recipe, to 1kilo of flour with 20 grams of fresh yeast. Yes! so it really was huge. I should have risen it slowly in the fridge, but I had thought the winter house would be cool enough to slow the process down. From the dough I made twelve  man-sized fougasse.

The kids crept out by 7, in varying degrees of disarray. I think the hot bread smell bought them out-I didnt need to convince them to leave their warm beds. By the time Deane had dragged himself out, I was onto my second coffee and they were happily munching the hot bread. I was enjoying watching them eat my creation (to sound slightly arrogant?).

My raw food ‘diet’, went well. (Lets not mention coffee. I will deal with that another time). I chopped up two bananana’s with one pear, practically snorted it up. I must learn to slow down to eat.

 My family went their ways to school and work, while I put things away, washed dishes and all that other stuff which is considered neither school nor, work.

I dressed Princess Paloma and we headed out the door to my gym/her creche. The balance class was great. Tai chi, yoga and pilates really do it for me!. ‘V’ is quite good, injects a bit of humor into it. He was doing the darth vader, “I am your father..” voice to one of the music tracks. Bit of a laugh really.

After finishing, I met the two ‘J’s’ at Cubita. I downed a chi soy latte, which tasted ‘funny’, once again. I am beginning to think maybe its me that is changing and not the actual drink.hmmm. I only had 20 minutes with them till I had to get Paloma. She greeted me with open arms and a big smile as usual. She definately is not well, crusty nose, and bad mood. (Little kids seem to fall into illness really quickly). I took her home and she made her famous nutella sandwhich,ate bits of it, then trotted off to bed.

I, being pretty hungry, felt like bread, bread bread. But.. I didnt. I wanted to eat it smothered in chocolate, maybe melted cheese toasties or some other ghastly fat/over-tasty creation. However-I did not succumb. Hows that!. Instead, I had a fruit salad and some raisins. That held the hunger off for about one hour. Then, the food subject rose to the top of my mind so I thought that I had better get inventive (or I would be face first in the bread drawer).  I grated three carrots, a small beet. I put them together in a bowl in which I ripped up fresh spinach, threw in a handful of raisins. I made a dressing of cider vinegar, beautiful Olive oil, grated ginger, garlic, a touch of salt and unrefined molasses sugar. With a final wee drop of organic sesame oil the dressing was ready to go. It was a very very scrummy meal. I have left some in the fridge for the children. 

So, I am feeling a bit ‘pure’ and healthy.

However, it is not yet four pm.

a fuzzy weekend

3 Aug

I was up at 5 this morn, and settling into a meditation by 5.10! I have a meditation download on my ipod which  helps me focus. The calm, American accent gently whips my fuzzy disobedient thoughts, rounding them up like so many sheep. The ‘sheep’ disperse, unfocused- but the voice is there to reel them in to line. And this is good at this moment in my meditating life.

My weekend was rather fruitless. I neither exercised nor ate well. I seem to spend weekends running children to sporting fixtures-although soccer has been cancelled for so many weeks due to heavy rain and sodden grounds. The hockey is never cancelled.

I also  clean house and cook food. Yesterday, my friend, Nigella L, (love her!) told me (via;How to Eat) how to cook a simple vegetable soup. Even most of the fussy kids liked it.

I folded a treadmill full of washing, (yes  that is where the clean washing is thrown. I cant see it because the treadmill is behind the blue couch. I like not seeing it. Its nearly like it doesn’t exist).

Why it is me that does the mother-load of house work is a question that sets at me like a yappy dog. Is it by dint of my figure type, or the fact that I haven’t a ‘real’ job? I don’t even paint anymore as the family life grew too big and enveloped my ‘studio’, so I cannot say painting is what I do. People ask me  what is it I  DO?”.    I suss out their agenda (accomplished in the blink of an intuitive eye), I either tell them I’m a housewife, or I tell them I play tennis. I don’t play tennis I never have. But it is a reply I have found works for me in my defensive mode. I don’t know why I get defensive regarding the “what do you do” query. Maybe I feel personally and socially guilty at not having a ‘real job’.  Maybe I feel I do nothing of importance for the real world. I know, deep down, that being able to take care of my children is vital and also I am blessed that I am able to stay at home to do this. A large majority of people financially cannot do this. So maybe I feel guilty about that too!. I have friends who choose  to return to a ‘real job’ after staying at home with young children because a real job as easier. Being at home can be boring. Arm chewing boring. But still a blessing.

baby blessing

baby blessing