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Food and supplements…

19 Mar
miso, shitake, sesame oil broth....yum

miso, shitake, sesame oil broth....yum

I am into my third week of conditioning to train for a marathon. (Thanks to Mr Lydiard. )I have been running as per the schedule most days, and keeping up my strength training twice per week. The thing that sucks a bit, is my nutrition. I am taking my supplements, a soy protein supplement, iron, mega B’s, B12, and calcium, but I need to eat more raw food, and less of the cooked. My energy levels are good, they improved dramatically after I saw the ‘herbal guy’ and I began supplements. But I could do better. For example, yesterday for breakfast I ate raw oats with a sprinkling of dried fruit/nuts and a slosh of soy milk. (tick…that’s all good). I went to the gym, did a balance/stretch class, did ‘other’ stuff, picked up Paloma from Kindergarten. We were home by 12. I had a ramekin of almonds, pine nuts, pistachios with chopped up banana and manuka honey for lunch. Yes! very yummy but not a good lunch. I should have had a grated salad with a sprinkling of nuts, or a vegan wrap…or a miso soup (Paloma had toast and peanut butter). I ate a pear during the afternoon. The kids music teacher came over with her three year old,and while the three year olds were running amok, I had a herbal tea with a litre of honey..(okay..not quite a litre). I snacked on a few pine nuts,  in between being the taxi for a couple of the kids, running up and down the stairs, and making dinner. Dinner was baked potato and kumara, and to stuff said potato and kumara was coleslaw, corn, marinated tofu, and baked bean’s. This was okay, it had all the food groups and the best thing-it was easy to prepare and all of the kids ate it. I followed this up a couple of hours after with a short run. The run was my first rainy run for the season. I luurve running in the rain,and it’s even better when it’s dark! I need to eat less nuts/honey (yummy) and more vege and carbs and probable more protein.


more on my tussock traverse training, raw nutrition, protein…

8 Dec
City-end Karori from Wrights Hill
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miso,shitake, and sesame oil.
miso,shitake, and sesame oil.

I was feeling so lack luster, it was hard to get out of bed at 5.30 in the morning, (now here I am blogging at 3am…but thats another story) and was feeling a tad ‘blue’. So, after hearing good things about the ‘herbal guy’ in Hataitai villiage, I went to see him. After asking relevent questions, and doing my blood pressure, an iridology check, he said I have a ‘strong constitution. Yep. But lacking in B12, iron, and possibly do not eat enough. He said I probably am far more active than the average vegan and he gave me good advice on snacks to have, i.e a protein snack every two hours. Nuts are good, but no more than two brazil nuts, (something about selenium.)  Miso, with sesame oil and herbs is also a very good snack.  For breakfast, I now have a ramekin full of raw oats, soaked in hot water with honey (not vegan..I know) and bee pollen (ditto) and calcuim powder. I chase this with a fresh vegetable  juice (thanks oscar). Its all very yummy and satisfying.

I bought B12, multi B’s, calcium powder, iron and a bottle of flax oil from him. He also made me up a beautiful ‘sleep’ tea and advised me to eat a handful of pumpkin seeds before bed. They are full of tryptophan, (like potatoes and lettuce) so should help induce sleep. 

Two weeks later and I am definitely more ‘zippy’. The protein snacks during the day really help with a consistent energy supply thus I do not have the ‘3pm slump’, so do not crave sweet things. However, my sleep is crap. For example, last night I was in bed about 10pm (I am trying really hard to be in bed early…) and I was asleep not long after that, but I woke, looked at the clock and it only read a disappointing onea.m! I try to be calm. But I  am too annoyed to be calm. So I get up, and lie on the couch. In the end, (the end did not take too long) I couldn’t settle and finally got up, made my ‘sleep’ tea and here I am. This happens nearly every night. The night before last I was distinctly worrying if lack of sleep could kill me. ( I know it cant…it just makes me crabby.)
It is an ongoing saga. Sleep.
As for my tussock traverse ‘training’, I have been running more and with more focus. The longest run however has only been 90 minutes. But my runs are feeling better. Two or three times per week I have been walking into the city, pushing Paloma which takes about 50 minutes each way. I  put her in the gym creche for two hours. I then do a weights work out  (one hour) followed by a run averaging 40 minutes. Then we walk home which is up hill. I have tweaked my weights work out, but I think shortly I will employ a personal trainer to help with the whole programme.( Whilst training for the C2c, I used a personal trainer to give me a plan once every 6 weeks.)
My family life does get in the way of my focus…I feel guilty if I go for a run, or the gym-on the weekend. My family comes first, on the other hand so do I??? Yes I know. It is a conundrum. (Nice word, con-nun-drum…) 
On Sunday, after returning from the morning market, I was actually hanging out to go for a run around the Karori sanctuary.  While in theory, I could have, I felt like I couldnt leave the family. I wanted to but didnt want to…if you know what I mean! I dont like the idea of the kids on playstation, p.c, …errrr..anything to do with them ‘sitting around’ , especially on such a glorious day as Sunday was. So, my solution to the complex (in my head) issue was to  suggest we all go and walk the sanctuary. After much grumbling and poo faces, we arrived at the sanctuary and walked around….( I say ‘walked’ but it was more a meander..)  it took us about four hours going at the three year olds pace. It was a tough walk, the sun was relentless as were the hills. It was good for the kids and I had Paloma on my shoulders for the last 4-5 K, (sharing with Deanes shoulders), so it was a good work out.
But doing this sort of thing, while good for the family, for me is not a training strategy. I need to work it all out so as to give them what (i think) they need, spend quality time with them and my husband whilst making time for me to train with the focus needed. I dont want this to mean that I am the one that has to be out of bed at four in the morning so I can train with out disturbing family time. Maybe I need to do a bit of ‘disturbing’?
*top of page image: city end karori..

meditation, sleep & nuts

11 Aug

This morning, after waking to my alarm at 5, I rolled out of toasty bed, stumbled into the cruel morning of a winter kitchen. I flicked the coffee machine on as I walked to my meditation chair. Wrapped in dressing gown, and blanket, feet cosied in fluffy socks, I crossed my legs and assumed the postion. My spine straight (but relaxed..) I began my meditation. Not long after beginning I realised an hour had passed and I had been slumped in the chair asleep!.

O well. I must have needed it. zzzzzz

I made my first coffee and attempted my ‘home admin’. Then it was 7 and the house was awake and I was twirling around (it seems like i spin…) fullfilling breakfast requests, answering questions, i.e “where did I put my schoolbag?” (left it outside in the rain), “can we get a dog” (will think on it), “what about a cat”(ditto), “can I have a hug-up”(sure can)”where are my shoes?” (i didn’t wear them last-don’t know).  I’ve gotta love it. I just have to.

I made myself a large fruit salad and sprinkled it with raw cashews and a few sultanas. Yes it was delicious and satisfying. I’m not sure about eating cashews however, my stomach is now sore. It will be a case for experimenting.

Last night I made the kids and Deane organic chicken and corn soup with fougasse. They loved it as the weather is very cold, wet. It is basically very good ‘chicken soup weather”.  Paloma has a strep throat so she didn’t eat much. She was sipping coke (blergh!!) because that is the only way she will take her penicillin. The older kids were jealous. Coke is banned in our house. I think it is evil. Yet here was my wee three year old sipping from the cup.

I went to singing and was home by 7. 30. I made my self a huge salad of grated carrot, apple, ripped baby spinach, sprouted sunflower seeds and a lovely dressing.