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Excuses for being slack, and Garlic.

19 Dec
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I read on http://www.giveittomeraw.com, that garlic is actually not good for me, (or you). The side affects of garlic are headaches (check), nausea (check) and general unwellness. They suggest going with out garlic for three weeks and noticing any improvements. So people, I am three days clean. I have not investigated further as to whether garlic is okay if cooked, or taken in small amounts. The thing is, I was drinking the stuff, at least one or two cloves per day mixed in with my vegetable juices. Watch this space.

How is my tussock training going, you ask? Well, in the last five days I have done one (good )weights workout and one ‘balance class and one run. How is that for pathetic! My excuses being as follows. On Monday, I was 20 minutes late for the gym. I had to return Deane’s trailer to the hire place, which entailed driving it out to Porirua.  Twenty minutes is a lot because it throws my entire two hour exercise schedule out of whack. (Paloma is in creche for two hours). I would usually go for a run after the workout,but I did the weights workout and that takes just over one hour, which left not enough time to go for a run. ( A small note on the weights, I can now hold my ‘plank’ pose for 70 seconds!) No run for me at night either because I went to my music lesson, then straight to Drew’s certificate assembly at school from whence we did not arrive home till 9.45pm.

I did not go for a run on Tuesday evening either as my lack of sleep the night previously put me in bed by 9.30pm!!! I was so gritty-eyed tired, all hope of getting out that door when Deane returns home (average time, 8pm) goes out the door..

Wednesdays excuse goes like this: I put Paloma in creche and did my wonderful Les Mills balanceclass with ‘V’. After the class I trotted off to Cubitta for my last coffee session with the ‘Wednesday girls’.  It is school holidays for the next six weeks, where we wont be able to meet. I did however manage a small 35 minute run at night. Thursdays excuse for being a slacker is as follows: I didn’t feel like it.

I know I could have gone running very early on these mornings, i.e 5.30a.m., or very late at night. Family life has been asking for my time what with school assembly’s, a meeting with the school principle (in which I was up from 4am researching school protocol on the net), Christmas shopping, Deane’s boat stuff – i.e I am left with kids while he does boat stuff, and general head junk associated with attempting to keep all seven of us  ‘in order’. I think any Mother out there will know exactly what I mean.




a good day

19 Nov


the rose in paradise

the rose in paradise

My day began with me going to bed, earplugs in, at 9.30 last night. Therefore, I woke before the alarm at 5 a.m today.  I lay in bed for a while, not really wanting to get out, actually, I was feeling pretty..blahhhh. So what did I do?! Well…I leaped out of bed like a fit young thing, I flung on my running gear like..er..Deane Karnazes..I ran out the door like one eager beaver…

I find if I act like I want to be, then I do what I want to do…well, it worked this morning.

So I ran my 30 minute circuit. Once home, I sat and meditated for about 10 minutes. It was a serious meditation session, I kept clearing my mind, but Nia Glassie was in my head. I don’t know why, I guess she has been on the news for a while. She was hard to clear.

I then made Deane and I a coffee…followed by a juice of apple carrot and spinach. I had a banana for breakfast. The kids were ‘yelled’ up. Here’s how breakfast goes for the kids.  Izzy has her standard 6 weetbix drowned in boiled water and coated in a tablespoon of raw sugar. Paloma has a sleepy raw oats with milk and sugar. She follows this by eating whatever Deane happens to be having. (Paloma is Deane’s ‘food sidekick’. She eats whatever is on his plate, actually fights him for it. ) Drew makes herself toast, or a fried egg on toast or french toast. She has a cup of tea with god knows how much sugar in it. Rose has water based weetbix, but she only has two.  Harry has toast and muesli with milk and sugar. Writing this I realise our family has far too much sugar.

 Once the kids had gone to school, Paloma and I went downstairs. I have decided to walk to the gym rather than taking the car,( a decision based on my ‘slow food, slow life=quality – theory). I have borrowed a pushchair, which Paloma loves. It took me about 50 sweaty minutes to trudge to the gym. I put Paloma in creche and rushed to my ‘balance’ class. I slowed myself down to reap the benefits of the tai chi, Pilate’s, and yoga moves.

After; a friend gave us a lift home and I made  a juice of silverbeet (from my garden), organic apple, organic carrot, garlic and parsley. yummy lunch!

Tonight for tea, I cooked organic beef steak, baked potatoes, puy lentil and grated carrot salad, chickpea and sliced tomato salad, and sliced cucumber. I need to make more variety for the kids. The reason is this: last week, I went down to kiss the Rose goodnight. She seemed a bit angry with me and wouldn’t talk to me properly. After questioning her a tad, I found out that she is sick of going to bed ’empty’, (her words). I have been pretty hard line with the kids in that if they don’t eat what I provide for tea, they don’t get anything else. Rose is Miss Fussy. But, I now realise I must soften. Rose prefers to go hungry rather than eat anything she doesn’t like. So I will make more of a variety and include well…more meat, and potatoes. The Rose is a meat eater so I will cook meat.

I have just juiced green cabbage, apple, carrot, and garlic. Deane and I polished it off. I guess he will fart all night tonight…again. harry-and-3-girls-oct-7-08-033

three days till wedding

8 Oct


view from our top deck..i run around that bay...

view from our top deck..i run around that bay...

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the raw food wagon…I fell off it (gently)

29 Sep


I love drawing too...

I love drawing too...

6.30 this morning saw me running the streets to the rythm of queens ‘crazy little thing called love’. It was a quick 30 minute run as I am planning to go for another tad longer one tonight. I stretched once home, did downward dogs, soft torso twists and then meditated for ten minutes.  After I juiced organic carrot, apple, garlic and kale. A delicious breakfast or anytime drink, I can just feel the nutrients renewing my cells! I followed the juice with my vice, a shot of dark espresso. I cant let go of the coffee habit. (I will acknowledge my powerlessness over this and let it go). It has been a good beginning for the day. Yesterday, I went to ‘commonsense organics’  where I spent 95 dollars on carrots, apples, kale, six litres of milk, beetroot, seaweed, cashews, and prunes. I also bought, and ate fresh dates. Fresh dates are a wonderful treat for a sweet tooth like moi! They are nearly thirty dollars per kilo, so not an everyday gastronomic experience. I have fallen off the raw food wagon, gently. For example, yesterday after a banana breakfast, with not much raw food in the house, I ate a bowl of reheated red lentils for lunch. I was pretty hungry and I love lentils. (I cook them in tomato and onion with spices, particulary chilli powder, and cumin seed). I followed the lentil lunch with the afore mentioned fresh juice chaser (after the shopping excursion to commonsense organics).  I snacked (secretly , as those with kids have to do) on the dates and a few raw cashews. For dinner I had a ramekin of a cooked tomato and onion sauce that I had made from fresh ingredients for the kids vegan spagetti ‘bolognaise’. I was planning on having another juice after my run but didnt go for a run because I was waiting for a phone call from Rosie after which I would have to pick her up. I did not have the land line number and the mother was not answering her cell. The call did not come till 8.30pm. I got home again by 9pm after which time I did not feel like heading out into gale force winds and rain in the dark. note to self; do not leave it up to kids to decide what time they will be home.  I drank chamomille tea with too much honey, watched junk telly and was in bed by 10.45. 

Run the head junk out

26 Sep

I have a run, a meditation, a fruit salad, water and two coffees under my belt and its 8.20am. Saturday morning and there is no childrens sport to stand freezing on the sidelines at.  The three year old is still sleeping, so life is relatively peaceful. I am listening to the Marie Antionette soundtrack on my ipod. I have found this  a sufficient way to access peace in a small house full of children. Thats if they dont come up and poke me and attempt to yell through my headphones.

Deb found a great book for me regarding raw food. ‘Tis called, The Raw Food Gourmet..(by Gabrielle Chavez). Reading through it I am realizing the need to invest in a food dehydrator. I think raw fooding require’s time and planning. Obviously it is not a mainstream way to eat, so pre-planning is needed on going out, or, as I found recently, on holidaying.  The recipes in the book seem a bit complex but I am sure that is a case of practice.

My first run for seven days was this morning. I am planning on another one this evening too. After not being out for seven days it feels like i am beginning again…and again. etc. I just have to (once again) get over myself and run. I spend head junk time on my ‘starting over runs’ telling myself that I’m basically a loser for not running sooner etc. My negative, judgmental head would have me stop, but my will is stronger than that. The mind over body thing. Not so trivial.

I meditated for about fifteen minutes after the run. I did not fall asleep and was able to quietly focus on my breath…in – out -in etc. Maybe for me, meditating after running is good, I’m awake, and my head is relatively clear of head junk (running does that).

WEll! There is only two weeks to go before the wedding. I am telling friends that it is the ‘wedding of the century’. But I feel so disorganised, and too relaxed about it. I am sure one is not meant to feel this relaxed about it all? I will blog in a weeks time and see how I am feeling with a week to go!

laughing kids

laughing kids

First carrot pride and Peanut butter

5 Sep

Yes! Here lies the first carrot, proudly pulled from my garden, paraded to the family, washed and eaten by me. It was sweet! Many more to come….(I placed it near the garlic and lemon for size reference.)

The wedding (of the year) seems to be overtaking my life at the moment. As much as I didn’t want it to-it is.  And that is my excuse for not blogging for a week.

Two days ago, after dropping three year old at kindergarten, I proceeded to Maranui cafe planning on quiet time and caffeine hit. I arrived to a high volume, many peopled space. I asked for a mixture of the two salads that were left, a spelt pasta, and a soba pasta. (Yes both were cooked, organic, and  healthy although coated in very oily  dressings.) They boxed the salad for me, (large box-plastic fork,) and I headed out of the cafe- back to my car. I was comfortable, and thinking how lucky I was, at that particular moment – no kids, nice food, warm car, good mag to read, sound of the sea, and a view of the sea. I also thought how strange it was that an organic salad would be viewed as a ‘pig out’ by me.  Anyhoo, was yummy and I felt like a waddling fat pig for the rest of the day. 

I have been for three runs only this past week. Last night was quite a nice 45 minute run in the dark rain. I felt quite light and energetic and I put this down to a nearly consistent running week, that is, I never gave up…completely.  Also of course, my lighter eating habit helped. I have cut out all animal flesh from my diet including fish (although, when faced with a paua fresh from the ocean… I am pretty sure it will be beaten, and slapped on an oily/buttery hot cast iron pan and cooked…mmmm). The only dairy product I consume is a bit of organic trim milk in my cup of tea. I have swallowed about three litres of beet, carrot, apple, spinach (or kale), garlic juice in the last few days. I am sure it helped me recover from my weight lifting injury in record speed.

The habit I am having trouble with is the dreaded peanut butter habit. Okay, the peanut butter is organic with nothing but salt added. It’s flippin’ delicious mixed with raisins and banana, or dolloped onto celery or eaten straight out of the jar with a spoon. But it has 45 grams of fat per 100grams. I have also read that peanuts are not a product supreme anyway. They are associated with some sort of toxicity. I munch into them when searching for that ‘something’ extra…

I baked fougasse for my family today. It was hot out of the oven when the kids walked in the door from school…good timing again!.  Tonight for tea, Izzy has chosen ‘nachos’. Hmm, nutrientless food but it’s friday. I will throw a big salad or two together and hope for the best-(my attempt at not becoming too neurotic and ridgid regarding the familys diet).

kids food fuss

18 Aug

Last night for dinner, I made  macaroni cheese as per Izzy’s request. She is seven years old and fussy. Double FUSSY. On the table I also placed a platter of lettuce leaves, sliced celery, sliced mushrooms, sliced green capsicum and a bowl of fresh guacamole. A large bowl of my ‘now famous’ grated carrot-beet-apple salad joined the platter on the table. Paloma (3yrs old) had spent about 25 minutes at the kitchen bench, (standing on a chair)cutting a zuccini into big chunks with a blunt knife. She had put these fat chunks into a bowl and sweetly, put this on the table too. So, seated, candles lit, we first ate Palomas ‘salad’. I like raw zuccini, but the kids had a hard time…it is usually grated, however they munched on it as their wee sister smiled and watched them proudly. She didnt, however, partake.

Izzy ate a bit of her macaroni cheese but happily ate the celery and a lot from the platter. Rose ate nothing. Harry and Drew scoffed the lot. My goal is to always put platters of fresh raw salad bits and bobs on to the table, its good to have options and it is a way of expanding the fussys taste experiences in a non-threatening way. They don’t have to eat it. We have a plan for the week of eating that the kids help me work  out. Drew said she likes that we have a plan. We have more interesting meals. It is true. Dinner time used to ‘arrive’ and I would wonder what the hell I was going to give them, it would usually be rice and tuna with soysauce and broccoli. Which is nice once in a while, but not three days per week.

Last night both Drew and Harry went for a run with me. Therefore it was only a 4k run, but I was happy they were out with me. I try to stress the importance of running to them. Running and reading as Will Smith says. So I am happy to do small runs if it will get them started on a habit that will enhance their lives.