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Am I ready to run the 27k tussock traverse?…ummmm….

5 Jan
Kaitoke Regional Park
Image by kalavinka via Flickr

Well! Christmas really stuffs my routine up..and the holidays that follow! So how did I do over the ‘break’?

Christmas day was a restrained(ish) day for me nutritionally. I had a slither of New Yorkcheesecake…just a slither. I made the cheesecake, courtesy of my friend Nigella, therefore I knew exactly what I was eating..(yes, wonderfully flavoured fat). I interspersed this with fruit in the form of french champagne. Needless to say, there was no exercise forthcoming.

Come boxing day and I was out running for a restrained 45 minutes through the hills of my favourite Mt. Victoria. The day after boxing day and I did a good mountain run for 70 minutes. Then for two more days I did  my ‘un sleep’ thing, which tends to make me hungry, grumpy and uninspired. I did not run but the kids and I walked to the beach everyday. 

The two days before New-Years day saw me completing short road runs, 30mins and 40 mins respectively. I was actually just happy to make it out of the house. I find it hard to focus while life is a bit ‘unfocused’, i.e, the kids are home, sparkly decorations are up, consumerism runs high, air of expectancy permeates, town is relatively empty…I don’t like it. I have analyzed why I don’t like this lack of routine and have concluded that it is because it tramples on my carefully constructed use of time. I need my time to create my own space, where I can look after myself. It all happens fore-mostly in my head…I need the routine to have a clear head, so I can get things done. Of course, we all know that time is time and I can get things done anyway. Time is the same whether my wee head feels clear or not. Right?

I had more fruit in the form of champagne, and wine on our quiet New Years eve and of course NO  tussock traverse training. Then to top the ummm…err..’training’ off, we went camping.  Kaitoke of course is a regional park in the Wellington area, which is chockablock full of wonderful mountain runs. But…I just couldn’t do them, reasons being, I did not want to run mountains by myself, (axe murderers etc..) and I did not want to leave the kids alone in the camp ground.  I was growing steadily more anxious regarding running. I do not think this is a good thing, the kids were enjoying themselves and I should have been able to chill out and relax a bit.

We came home after being rained out after three days. I did a good Mt Vic run for 80 minutes and felt ‘normal’ again.

So, at this stage, while I know I could complete the traverse, I don’t think I would enjoy it very much. I have got a few weeks left where I will pound the hills around Wellington, (that is the plan anyhoo..).  Watch this space!



more on my tussock traverse training, raw nutrition, protein…

8 Dec
City-end Karori from Wrights Hill
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miso,shitake, and sesame oil.
miso,shitake, and sesame oil.

I was feeling so lack luster, it was hard to get out of bed at 5.30 in the morning, (now here I am blogging at 3am…but thats another story) and was feeling a tad ‘blue’. So, after hearing good things about the ‘herbal guy’ in Hataitai villiage, I went to see him. After asking relevent questions, and doing my blood pressure, an iridology check, he said I have a ‘strong constitution. Yep. But lacking in B12, iron, and possibly do not eat enough. He said I probably am far more active than the average vegan and he gave me good advice on snacks to have, i.e a protein snack every two hours. Nuts are good, but no more than two brazil nuts, (something about selenium.)  Miso, with sesame oil and herbs is also a very good snack.  For breakfast, I now have a ramekin full of raw oats, soaked in hot water with honey (not vegan..I know) and bee pollen (ditto) and calcuim powder. I chase this with a fresh vegetable  juice (thanks oscar). Its all very yummy and satisfying.

I bought B12, multi B’s, calcium powder, iron and a bottle of flax oil from him. He also made me up a beautiful ‘sleep’ tea and advised me to eat a handful of pumpkin seeds before bed. They are full of tryptophan, (like potatoes and lettuce) so should help induce sleep. 

Two weeks later and I am definitely more ‘zippy’. The protein snacks during the day really help with a consistent energy supply thus I do not have the ‘3pm slump’, so do not crave sweet things. However, my sleep is crap. For example, last night I was in bed about 10pm (I am trying really hard to be in bed early…) and I was asleep not long after that, but I woke, looked at the clock and it only read a disappointing onea.m! I try to be calm. But I  am too annoyed to be calm. So I get up, and lie on the couch. In the end, (the end did not take too long) I couldn’t settle and finally got up, made my ‘sleep’ tea and here I am. This happens nearly every night. The night before last I was distinctly worrying if lack of sleep could kill me. ( I know it cant…it just makes me crabby.)
It is an ongoing saga. Sleep.
As for my tussock traverse ‘training’, I have been running more and with more focus. The longest run however has only been 90 minutes. But my runs are feeling better. Two or three times per week I have been walking into the city, pushing Paloma which takes about 50 minutes each way. I  put her in the gym creche for two hours. I then do a weights work out  (one hour) followed by a run averaging 40 minutes. Then we walk home which is up hill. I have tweaked my weights work out, but I think shortly I will employ a personal trainer to help with the whole programme.( Whilst training for the C2c, I used a personal trainer to give me a plan once every 6 weeks.)
My family life does get in the way of my focus…I feel guilty if I go for a run, or the gym-on the weekend. My family comes first, on the other hand so do I??? Yes I know. It is a conundrum. (Nice word, con-nun-drum…) 
On Sunday, after returning from the morning market, I was actually hanging out to go for a run around the Karori sanctuary.  While in theory, I could have, I felt like I couldnt leave the family. I wanted to but didnt want to…if you know what I mean! I dont like the idea of the kids on playstation, p.c, …errrr..anything to do with them ‘sitting around’ , especially on such a glorious day as Sunday was. So, my solution to the complex (in my head) issue was to  suggest we all go and walk the sanctuary. After much grumbling and poo faces, we arrived at the sanctuary and walked around….( I say ‘walked’ but it was more a meander..)  it took us about four hours going at the three year olds pace. It was a tough walk, the sun was relentless as were the hills. It was good for the kids and I had Paloma on my shoulders for the last 4-5 K, (sharing with Deanes shoulders), so it was a good work out.
But doing this sort of thing, while good for the family, for me is not a training strategy. I need to work it all out so as to give them what (i think) they need, spend quality time with them and my husband whilst making time for me to train with the focus needed. I dont want this to mean that I am the one that has to be out of bed at four in the morning so I can train with out disturbing family time. Maybe I need to do a bit of ‘disturbing’?
*top of page image: city end karori..

Tussock traverse training, vitamins and herbs for energy…

1 Dec
Illustration of flax

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My decision to train for the Tussock traverse (27th January) has given me the kick up the proverbial. You see…usually, after my 45 minute weights workout  at Les Mills, I either, do a few things in town I need to and go to a cafe, or I just…er… go to a cafe. (Paloma is in the creche for two hours, this is my  time..). So, as from decision day I have been doing my weights programme, (new and improved) followed by at least a 45 minute run.  I have run into howling northerlys, blistering hot ‘nothings’, (prefer the howlings of Wellington actually.) I have been pushing Paloma into town with a borrowed pushchair (with flat tyres), doing weights, running and returning. My legs have felt tired and a tad heavy, but I take this as a good sign.  I have been feeling a bit dizzy, (so much so that I have felt the need to sit…) and tired, lethargic. I made an appointment with the Hataitai herbalist. He gave me good advice, and now I am taking B12, iron, multi B, flax oil, calcium and he made me a concoction of herbs as a sleep tea. So I’m sorted man! I feel the energy seeping back into my body and soul…

I eat raw oats soaked in warm water mixed with bee pollen and calcium powder, followed by a vegetable juice for breakfast. Previously, I was just having the juice, which is not enough. ahem. That maybe had something to do with the dizzines. It has also been suggested that I have a protein snack every two hours, to keep my blood sugar levels even…nuts..I need to go nuts. I have been drinking at least two vegetable juices per day, and I really can feel the difference. A new vitality. (Yet here I am, struggling with nutritional deficiences!)

first summer day at the beach...

first summer day at the beach...Here are my loves at Hataitai beach on the first summer day! We bought fish and chips and walked down to the beach which is only ten minutes walk down from our house. Yes..I did partake of chips..that is a requirement of summer beach dinners with kids! Friends met us there and they happened to have..um..more fish and chips, chocolate, fruit and juice. The kids were even happier. I feel this is a new beginning. My training is improving, the weather is t-shirt weather, and...I am married.wow.summer kids

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Excersise and health goals….veganning again..

25 Nov
Sign at Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Image by jcolman via Flickr

I have been slightly haphazard with my goals…(is ‘slightly haphazard’ like being ‘slightly pregnant‘?-you either ARE, or you are NOT.) Anyhow, I was definitely going to do the Taupo challenge, but then decided not to, (because I just didn’t get on my bike to train..at all.) I was also very enthusiastic regarding the ‘Goat’ mountain run. I Was absolutely going to do that one! I even emailed the organisers of the goat and told them how unhappy I was that this year it was running the exact same day as the Taupo challenge!…How could people like me, I exclaimed, make a choice between the two!? Both were great races and I thought the goat should change their day..er…for ME. Consequently, they did and of course, ashamedly, I did not enter either one. The Taupo bike race is this Saturday and the Goat is next Saturday. Now all I can do is re-live my ‘glory’ from the year before and plan to train for them next year. deanes-hol-07-and-goat-weekend-07-243 

What I have to do therefore, is sit down and really think about my training goals-properly. I started this by buying a spiral notebook and a training diary for next year. Into the notebook I will write out my weeks exercisegoals, weights plan (reps etc) and then how I felt physically and emotionally. Into the training diary I will write what I’ve done. I have had a training diary for two years now, this years reads like an old Lady’s…its  full of…”ran 30mins”, or just “balance class”. I have completed in good time a few half marathons and a mountain run, but the training was indiscriminate. Yes folks, I have lost FOCUS. And I am determined to get it back.

me, in black, finishing the mt lowry mountain run

me, in black, finishing the mt lowry mountain run

So, my next race goal is the ‘tussock traverse’, running on the 27th of January. I will keep you, dear avid readers of my life-updated. I have begun training by, after doing weights at the gym, instead of having a coffee, I have gone for a 45 minute run. I could go for an hour before I need to pick Paloma from creche, but so far, 45 is my limit. It is all in my head.

As for nutrition, I am trying to sort it. Lately I have been a bit lightheaded when doing weights, or during and after a run..so much so that I slow down, or sit down because, it would be very embarrassing to actually faint.  To counteract this, I have begun slow release irontabs. I think I am feeling a bit more energetic..maybe a little less tired. I have juice at least twice per day, raw salads and have been having more protein in the form of couscous, quinoa and lentils and rice. It seems to be a fine line, and a much thought out one- to be able to get my vegan/raw nutritional level at the right level with my exercise lifestyle. I don’t want to feel weak, or faint..obviously. Maybe I will buy another note book to write it all down..umm…I have so many notebooks, i write about stuff I read, think, scribble little drawings of painting’s I will do, lists of things I want for the kids..etc..yeah..so whats one more note book huh?


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running the sanctuary.

24 Aug

Running around the Karori sanctuary in the falling darkness was a tad stress full! It was Friday and I had organised the babysitter for four pm. She arrived but I had to sort the kids out a bit, they were arguing about who was going to get the fish and chips…(health plus…not!). Deane was down at the Ngaparata so he was a bit late also. The upshot was we did not begin the run till 4.30 ish. It was a very still evening. Fat raindrops had just started to fall -a nonchalant sort of rain, holding no threat of downpour. I was feeling quite good after the usual first ten minutes my body takes to get into it. It took me a while to realize that the dusky light meant that we didn’t have too long before we would be stumbling over cliffs. My imagination had us being airlifted out of the pitch black by men in search and rescue uniform. (I love a man in uniform.) There are no lights around the sanctuary, of course. It being the safe haven of natives, kiwi, Tui and the like. They prefer the dark. Anyhow, I ran faster and actually enjoyed it (apart for the fear). Running  the zig zag track through the bush I could not see my feet and had to focus on the fading parts I could see. We made it out just on time of course. I sometimes enjoy the excitement of the ‘just-in-the-nick-of-timeness’.