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kids food fuss

18 Aug

Last night for dinner, I made  macaroni cheese as per Izzy’s request. She is seven years old and fussy. Double FUSSY. On the table I also placed a platter of lettuce leaves, sliced celery, sliced mushrooms, sliced green capsicum and a bowl of fresh guacamole. A large bowl of my ‘now famous’ grated carrot-beet-apple salad joined the platter on the table. Paloma (3yrs old) had spent about 25 minutes at the kitchen bench, (standing on a chair)cutting a zuccini into big chunks with a blunt knife. She had put these fat chunks into a bowl and sweetly, put this on the table too. So, seated, candles lit, we first ate Palomas ‘salad’. I like raw zuccini, but the kids had a hard time…it is usually grated, however they munched on it as their wee sister smiled and watched them proudly. She didnt, however, partake.

Izzy ate a bit of her macaroni cheese but happily ate the celery and a lot from the platter. Rose ate nothing. Harry and Drew scoffed the lot. My goal is to always put platters of fresh raw salad bits and bobs on to the table, its good to have options and it is a way of expanding the fussys taste experiences in a non-threatening way. They don’t have to eat it. We have a plan for the week of eating that the kids help me work  out. Drew said she likes that we have a plan. We have more interesting meals. It is true. Dinner time used to ‘arrive’ and I would wonder what the hell I was going to give them, it would usually be rice and tuna with soysauce and broccoli. Which is nice once in a while, but not three days per week.

Last night both Drew and Harry went for a run with me. Therefore it was only a 4k run, but I was happy they were out with me. I try to stress the importance of running to them. Running and reading as Will Smith says. So I am happy to do small runs if it will get them started on a habit that will enhance their lives.


meditation, sleep & nuts

11 Aug

This morning, after waking to my alarm at 5, I rolled out of toasty bed, stumbled into the cruel morning of a winter kitchen. I flicked the coffee machine on as I walked to my meditation chair. Wrapped in dressing gown, and blanket, feet cosied in fluffy socks, I crossed my legs and assumed the postion. My spine straight (but relaxed..) I began my meditation. Not long after beginning I realised an hour had passed and I had been slumped in the chair asleep!.

O well. I must have needed it. zzzzzz

I made my first coffee and attempted my ‘home admin’. Then it was 7 and the house was awake and I was twirling around (it seems like i spin…) fullfilling breakfast requests, answering questions, i.e “where did I put my schoolbag?” (left it outside in the rain), “can we get a dog” (will think on it), “what about a cat”(ditto), “can I have a hug-up”(sure can)”where are my shoes?” (i didn’t wear them last-don’t know).  I’ve gotta love it. I just have to.

I made myself a large fruit salad and sprinkled it with raw cashews and a few sultanas. Yes it was delicious and satisfying. I’m not sure about eating cashews however, my stomach is now sore. It will be a case for experimenting.

Last night I made the kids and Deane organic chicken and corn soup with fougasse. They loved it as the weather is very cold, wet. It is basically very good ‘chicken soup weather”.  Paloma has a strep throat so she didn’t eat much. She was sipping coke (blergh!!) because that is the only way she will take her penicillin. The older kids were jealous. Coke is banned in our house. I think it is evil. Yet here was my wee three year old sipping from the cup.

I went to singing and was home by 7. 30. I made my self a huge salad of grated carrot, apple, ripped baby spinach, sprouted sunflower seeds and a lovely dressing.

anger, sadness, mind junk.

10 Aug

The other day a friend told me how great my skin was looking! Even I can see the subtle change in it; all because of the raw fooddiet. I am mostly going quite well. Last night for tea I made the family roast duck (my friend Nigella’s method) and potatoes roasted in duck fat and two huge salads. One salad was  grated carrot, beet, apple, zucchini with raisins and a scrummy dressing. The other was diced avocado with diced tomato, sprinkled with smoked maldon sea salt and beautiful olive oil. We all devoured the salad, except of course the self proclaimed carnivore, Rosie. She stuck to duck. I of course quite happily ate just salad. I felt satisfied and clean. Raw food is such a clean way to eat.

Of course I am still drinking coffee, but I only had two each day of the weekend.

I meditated this morning for about 20 minutes. My mind is still full of mind-junk. It revolves around personal power issues I have; i.e I don’t feel I have it. Power. I get angry, then sad and those two feelings tumble around in my mind and body. I know anger and sadness are basically fear.  I’m not exactly sure what the fear is, maybe power? 

I think life is in constant revision and in need of tweaking. Life  is a challenge and we are not meant to stay still. Have you heard the question (usually put to you in motivational articles) “If you could do anything and know you could not fail, what would you do?”,?.

 Well, I hear that and I think, I wouldn’t want to do anything because where is the challenge of that? If I couldn’t fail, what is the point?