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being ‘Mother’

24 Jul

I did not meditate today. I slept in till 7.10am and so I was straight into helping the kids get breakfasts and ready for school; hard out mother role happening.  Then Paloma and I were out till the kids got home so I did not have time to meditate. Now I just feel too emotionally tired. Deane is still not home, but we have had tea. The dishes have been done(ish) and the kids are scattered either playing, reading and/or in the bath. I should meditate, but the house is too small and they are too noisy. Some one will end up screaming and want me and I will get frustrated and yell at them and feel bad. Hows that for self-prophesy. Hows that for a big fat ‘negative thought form’?

Sometimes it is just too hard to ‘get over myself’. ha.