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Decisions, moods, blog envy…

23 Mar

It is 28 weeks till the Auckland marathon. I have decided to do it. It will be my first marathon, so I have a lot of training to do. I’m chewing on the idea of either, employing a personal trainer, or, working it out myself with a Lydiard programme. God knows, I have enough books about the subject!. One week after the marathon is the Taupo cycle challenge, which I plan to do also. Biking is good cross training for running with the right balance.

I read a training blog by a woman in Wellington who was out doing some sort of training – big stuff, ya know, BIG runs, BIG bikes etc, it nearly made me weep. Every day she is doing something.Reading it made me feel like I was in training playtime. I started making excuse’s for myself, like, ‘I’ve got kids’, ‘Deane’s not home a lot’, ‘I’m older’. Of course my reason’s for being in ‘training playtime’ meandered on in a sad-ass soliloquy. After a hand-wringing, teeth-gnashing while, I concluded that I have been using my family situation as an excuse for my half arsed training. It’ s easy to use them, because, a lot more of my time is delegated to them, and my darling friends are always telling me how amazing I must be…to go out for a run…I mean! I am labelled superwoman because I go out for a run and have a few kids. Do you get what I’m saying? If a person happens to be a mother – is it simply amazingif she goes for a run, bike or whatever? Anyhoo..I have realised that I have allowed the praise of other people affect me, that is, I let myself think its okay if I don’t go as hard as I should or put in as many hours as I should (to reach my goals) because, hey! I’m pretty good anyway. Superwoman. It is an easy out, si?!

Therefore,I have decided to push myself more, thus the Auckland marathon training, the Taupo cycle challenge. So, thankyou http://pipsqueaks.blogspot.com .

This is what I have been doing, training wise, while I was mulling over the above: Monday morning, after dropping the wee girls at kindergarten, I mulled my way through  a good weights/strength session at the gym. I did a small 35 minute run at about 9.30 that night. Tuesday evening I did a 45 minute road run. Wednesday morning I ‘flowed’ through a balance class, and chased it down with a 30 minute run. Thursday I did not even go to the gym for my weights session…excuse: after I had dropped the morsels at kindergarten, I sat in the car feeling so glum, indecisive and oh!, lets not forget pathetic,I drove directly home. I  ignored the dishes and the piles of washing on the couch, and did a chakra healing meditation. (I have the chakra healing soundtrack on my ipod). Once my chakra’s were ‘healed’, I did some drawings on a canvas in preparation for a painting. That was how I used my free time that day. hmmm…

On friday I was much the same, so no training was even half arsed done….although my chakra’s felt more in tune. On Saturday, I went for a 6am 10k run. I felt fabulous. That’s my week dear readers. I am not superwoman. I am below par..but this is going to change.


Excersise and health goals….veganning again..

25 Nov
Sign at Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Image by jcolman via Flickr

I have been slightly haphazard with my goals…(is ‘slightly haphazard’ like being ‘slightly pregnant‘?-you either ARE, or you are NOT.) Anyhow, I was definitely going to do the Taupo challenge, but then decided not to, (because I just didn’t get on my bike to train..at all.) I was also very enthusiastic regarding the ‘Goat’ mountain run. I Was absolutely going to do that one! I even emailed the organisers of the goat and told them how unhappy I was that this year it was running the exact same day as the Taupo challenge!…How could people like me, I exclaimed, make a choice between the two!? Both were great races and I thought the goat should change their day..er…for ME. Consequently, they did and of course, ashamedly, I did not enter either one. The Taupo bike race is this Saturday and the Goat is next Saturday. Now all I can do is re-live my ‘glory’ from the year before and plan to train for them next year. deanes-hol-07-and-goat-weekend-07-243 

What I have to do therefore, is sit down and really think about my training goals-properly. I started this by buying a spiral notebook and a training diary for next year. Into the notebook I will write out my weeks exercisegoals, weights plan (reps etc) and then how I felt physically and emotionally. Into the training diary I will write what I’ve done. I have had a training diary for two years now, this years reads like an old Lady’s…its  full of…”ran 30mins”, or just “balance class”. I have completed in good time a few half marathons and a mountain run, but the training was indiscriminate. Yes folks, I have lost FOCUS. And I am determined to get it back.

me, in black, finishing the mt lowry mountain run

me, in black, finishing the mt lowry mountain run

So, my next race goal is the ‘tussock traverse’, running on the 27th of January. I will keep you, dear avid readers of my life-updated. I have begun training by, after doing weights at the gym, instead of having a coffee, I have gone for a 45 minute run. I could go for an hour before I need to pick Paloma from creche, but so far, 45 is my limit. It is all in my head.

As for nutrition, I am trying to sort it. Lately I have been a bit lightheaded when doing weights, or during and after a run..so much so that I slow down, or sit down because, it would be very embarrassing to actually faint.  To counteract this, I have begun slow release irontabs. I think I am feeling a bit more energetic..maybe a little less tired. I have juice at least twice per day, raw salads and have been having more protein in the form of couscous, quinoa and lentils and rice. It seems to be a fine line, and a much thought out one- to be able to get my vegan/raw nutritional level at the right level with my exercise lifestyle. I don’t want to feel weak, or faint..obviously. Maybe I will buy another note book to write it all down..umm…I have so many notebooks, i write about stuff I read, think, scribble little drawings of painting’s I will do, lists of things I want for the kids..etc..yeah..so whats one more note book huh?


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